The year 2019 is coming to an end and 2020 is planning to be a big year for emerging big data trends of the future and data science. Now that big data transitioning from a departmental focus to becoming more customer-fed and business-led, the main objective on increasing the speed and complexity of advanced analytics goes on.

We all should know that staying ahead of the competition seriously depends on the business’ ability to apply next big data trends. From quantum computing to Internet of Things (IoT), join me as we explore some of the most discussed big data trends of 2020/2021. Also check out the Big Data 2019: Top 5 Predictions On Trends, Technologies of the future. Now, lets look at some Big Data Trends to Watch our for in 2020.

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The IoT (Internet of Things) & Machine Learning

First of all, the internet of things (IoT) market has increased drastically and is previous predictions shows that it will continue growing. I don’t know if you know that the streaming analytics and machine learning are now being applied to IoT to stream live data to machine learning systems. Why? Its simple. So that it can be analyzed at the time it happened. Look at this; while this environment is less controlled than the standard environments used for machine learning, the main purpose of this new big data trend is to increase the flexibility and accuracy of response by machine learning, irrespective of its situation. Additionally, there is a huge focus on fine-tuning this kind of a system to be capable of interacting with human beings.

Big Data Prediction Regulations

In the year 2018, European countries put more attention and focus on developing data prediction regulation in its political policies. A huge big data trend for 2019/2020 and beyond is that many organizations are striving to enact simpler data protection policies to increase good client relationship. A whole lots of businesses around the world have been restructuring their current consent methods to include plain language that is short and easy to understand. The United States government is also beginning to develop data prediction regulation within federal law and holding companies accountable for how they collect, make use of, and protect user data.

Dark Data

One other growing big data trend is the accumulation of the dark data. As can be seen, dark data are data which is gathered from a source but not actively used in any analytical system. As for now, businesses may not have an immediate use for their dark data, they are lately becoming more aware that this data may become valuable in the near future. Therefore, more and more companies and small firms are beginning to gather and keep dark data, as opposed to discarding it. Of late, it is becoming generally understood that losing dark data not only means potential opportunity loss but a security risk to platform users and organizations as well.

Chief Data Officers (CDOs)

Chief Data Officers, popularly called CDOs, are increasingly in demand as businesses realize what they can do for their organisations. As a matter of fact, CDOs are typically data leaders who are efficient with cleaning, analysis, and visualization of big data. This is a big data trend in 2019/2020 that is expected to only increase in future years as big data becomes more mature and the industry proliferates.

Predictive Analytics

Another one is the Data analytics which is now in its 3rd wave of development, according to Gartner. To be candid with you, this is giving way to a new big data trend: the augmented analytics. Firms continue to push growing masses of data daily through automated analytic algorithm systems. Before the end of 2020, 40% of data analyst duties are expected to be fully automated by artificial intelligence (AI). Data analysts can also be expected to be more in demand than ever.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing and its technology is another predicted trend. Research shows that all the big computer technology companies such as IBM, Google, Intel, and Microsoft are in a serious competition to beat each other to build the first quantum computer. In the light of this, big data trend will be sure to take a shift as soon as one of these big companies accomplishes the end goal. Quantum computing will enable data prediction, seamless encryption, enhanced financial modeling, real conversations and instantaneous problem solving with complex issues.

Open Source

If you don’t know this before, please not that Open source is a big data trend that is sure to never die out. 2020 is only seeing more widespread adoption of open source technologies, with startups and small organizations gaining the largest wins. Software tools and free data are enlarging in the open source world, and GNU’s new analytical language R has been seeing tons of new adoption.

Smart Things

Smart things so far have been easily dismissed as trendy home gadgets. However, a new big data trend is brewing regarding the use of smart things: the development of an always-on world that is constantly and consistently collecting data to adapt to ever-changing conditions. Consumer demand for smart things has been huge, and with it has come the opportunity to gather and utilize more big data than ever to meet a consumer’s every whim. In a like manner, smart home ecosystems have been growing at a very speedy rate, and it is certain that the firms who reign in the power of these technologies earlier as opposed to later will be sure to grow with their future use and propagation.

Edge Computing

The Edge computing is a big data trend in 2020/2021 which has been enhancing the speed and efficiency of big data processing and interaction. Also, in the edge computing environment, all the processing of data occurs at the data source, somewhere in the fog layer, or at the data center. The bottom line is that most of this can be largely attributed to the speed of streaming network media.

We all should Prepare For A Big Future With Data

Big data companies are now dedicating themselves to support large corporate data systems in their analysis, deployment, security and management to keep up with both existing and future big data trends. To achieve this, they usually offer a comprehensive collection of big data tools to take companies from first-time big data system deployment to enhancement and upgrades. Their staff of big data experts are also equipped with the most cutting-edge analytical tools and algorithms can assist any organization, large or small, to make the best of their big data for gaining actionable insights and flexible, comprehensive customer support.

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