You are specially welcome to Microsoft Cloud Society Signup and Sign in guide. The article will guide you on how you can register or cloud society signup and login. After reading this article, you will be able to complete the online Registration for Microsoft Cloud Society Program Certificate. Login to Microsoft Cloud Society to access Cloud platforms learning path, ‎Microsoft Cloud Society Future & cloud community, ‎Dev Ops etc. Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider & Partner Network is also available for signup.

Microsoft Cloud Society Signup – The Cloud Society

The Signup for Microsoft Cloud Society Program: Your Microsoft Cloud Society account will give all users a direct access to all the Microsoft Online training courses. Also, exclusive certification and training offers from Microsoft Partners and roadshow event invites are not left out.

Signup for Microsoft Cloud Society Program

First of all, why do you need the Microsoft Cloud Society account? It’s simply because it will give you direct access to all Microsoft Online training courses and programs. Apart from that, you can also get private certification and training offers from Microsoft Partners and live broadcast event invitations.

LinkedIn Login to Microsoft Cloud Society account

Now that you know the benefits of registering, please note that you can use your Linkedin account to easily create a Microsoft Cloud Society account online.

On the other hand, if you already have an active account with Microsoft cloud society please feel free to sign in with your login detail. If not, then you must create a new log in account details.

Simply visit the official sign in page and do the following carefully

  • First Name: First and foremost, type in your first given name
  • Last Name: Secondly, enter your last name (Surname)
  • My E-mail Address: Thirdly carefully enter your personal or business email address
  • Confirm your e-mail address: Enter your email address again with care
  • Job Title: Please choose your type of job description from the drop down Menu
  • Company/Organisation Name: Enter your company’s name
  • Country/Location: You have to choose your country from the drop down Menu
  • Mobile Phone Number: Now key in your personal or office number
  • LinkedIn Profile: Very importantly, fill in your Linkedin Profile into the box
  • Password: Choose your desired password that you can easily remember
  • Confirm your password: Lastly, Please enter the password again for confirmation of accuracy
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Next Step on the Microsoft Cloud Society Signup page

After you have carefully entered all the required information, then go ahead and tick the box written “I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft products and services.” Do not signup without know the privacy and terms of use. Therefore, it is also recommended that you carefully read through the Privacy Statement as provided in the sign-up page.

After reading Privacy statement, Click Sign up button.

Login to Microsoft Cloud Society

Finally, you may visit the Sign in Page to proceed.

In summary, Microsoft Cloud Society is a program designed to guide and support you in becoming a world-class expert in the space of cloud computing technology. A recap: In focus on the Sign-up Guide for Microsoft Cloud Society Program for users who wants to join the program.

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