This is a guide to the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program – reselling Microsoft CSP in-demand cloud solutions. Cloud Solution Vendors; Microsoft Licensing Program. In the course of this article, you will see how CSP program can help you own all aspects of the customer relationship! CSP program enables you to manage, sell and support a customer completely, in every aspect. Deeper Engagement. Industry Leading Products. Become a CSP Partner. Short Time to Market.

This article applies to the Microsoft Partner Center: First and foremost, you should know that the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) assists you go more than just reselling licenses to being more involved in your customer’s every day business.

  1. Firstly is the deeper engagement with your customers – For you to meet up frequently with your clients means you will develop a better understanding of their business and requirements.
  2. Secondly, grow your profits to a higher margin – Providing an increased support and billing services, whether on your own or through an indirect provider, opens up new revenue streams for your company.
  3. Thirdly, Adding unique value to clients – With the partner program, you’ll be able to offer customers industry-specific solutions bundled with Microsoft products and services.
  4. Lastly, simply offer managed services to clients – Most of all is that you’ll be well-positioned to meet customer demand for managed services.

The Best Microsoft CSP model for you!

Direct bill model: Buy from Microsoft CSP & Resell Directly

Looking at the direct bill model, you will discover that partners can buy Microsoft products and subscriptions directly from Microsoft company and resell them directly to their clients via their in-house sales team. Also, new partners who are already operating with, or those willing to build, the appropriate sales, billing, and support setup may select the CSP direct model platform.

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As of August twenty eighteen, the list of prerequisite and terms to become a direct partner have recently been changed and has already taken effect. As a matter of fact, new direct partners is expected to meet the new requirements as of their next enrollment period after the said date above.

Latest expanded requirements for Microsoft CSP:

Premier Support Capabilities

New partners has to enlarge their support capabilities by purchasing one-on-one, prioritized cloud support with a Microsoft Advanced Support for Partners package. On the other hand, the new partner must choose a Microsoft Premier Support for Partners package. This is to enable them have access to the complete catalog of proactive services to dish out to clients. Also, you also have a technical account management across cloud, hybrid, and on-premises and 24/7 elevated break/fix support.

Provide an IP Services or Solution App

First of all, you have to be able to prove that you provide customer solution application or at most one managed service, IP service. You can choose to learn more about adding managed services from the Microsoft official page.

Secondly, you must meet the minimum setup capabilities, like provisioning and billing. Microsoft has said that they are monitoring annual performance of direct bill partners who meet these requirements and they make sure they are demonstrating steady business growth.

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As at the time of writing this article, there are no specific performance goals in place at this time, however, Microsoft may decide to implement a performance bar in few years to come.

Lastly, intending applicants mus have an active Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID for the location they want to sell from.

Indirect model Resells through Networks

This section of indirect model, the vendors (usually referred to as distributors) buys the Microsoft products and subscriptions directly from Microsoft company, but cannot resell directly. They will also have to sell to customers through a specific network of indirect resellers.

Therefore, the major requirements for applying for the CSP program as an indirect reseller include the following:

  • User must have an active Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID for the region they want to sell in.
  • New users should have the ability to sign legal agreements on behalf of your organization A relationship with an official Microsoft provider

As a Partner, where can I sell through the Microsoft CSP program?

Microsoft has informed the general public that a company’s location determines their market share. This is to say that your market includes the regions and/or countries where you can sell CSP services. You can read more from Cloud Solution Provider program regional markets and currencies for the complete list of CSP markets and currencies that is accepted for trade.

Furthermore, you must be aware that prior to ordering CSP offers on behalf of a clients/customer, the customer must have to sign the Microsoft Cloud Agreement. Secondly, you can visit the Microsoft official website to find the applicable Microsoft Cloud Agreement for your customer’s region.

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What services can I sell through the Microsoft CSP program?

As a Microsoft partner, you can definitely sell the complete package of Microsoft cloud services, as well as a variety of additional offers that changes regularly. Finally, the CSP offers are available for the current month, you can sign in to the Partner Center and then go to the Pricing and offers pages for more details.

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