File Sharing – Top 5 File Sharing websites and Cloud Storage: This is the top 5 Free Open Source Cloud File Sharing Platforms: Best ways to transfer files online: free, paid and business options just for you.

Top 5 File Sharing Sites With Free Storage Space Fileshare is the act of granting other users access to digital files and it’s also known as file sharing. These are digital files such as Audio, Video, Images, software, and ebooks. As users who make use of either a mobile phone or PC. You must have a little bit of idea on what fileshare is all about.

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FileShare – Top 5 File Sharing Sites | Cloud Storage

File sharing is simply transferring a document, software, audio or video file, app from one device to another. For example, you have a new song on your mobile phone and your friend wants that same music on his or her mobile device. You can simply turn on my Bluetooth or Wifi on your mobile phone, go to the location of the song and send it to him or her wirelessly.

Oh yes, that’s a good example of what file sharing is all about. Now there are lots of file sharing sites on the internet that enable users to share file online with people in different location. These file sharing sites enable users to upload and download digital files. In the course of this article, I will be focusing on a few of these file sharing websites.

Top File Sharing Sites

Most of the websites that will be listed out below offer free file sharing for everyone. This is just a way to help users share file easily and they also provide online storage space of a particular size for all users. Below are five Top File Sharing Sites online.

  • Dropbox
  • Mediafire
  • 4Shared
  • Google Drive
  • iCloud
  • OneDrive
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • YouSENDit
  • SugarSync
  • Minus
  • pCloud
  • RapidShare

From the list above, is a list of the Top Best Free Online File Sharing Sites for Your Needs. However, I will be provide details for only 5 in this article. The top 5 are the popular ones which gives user free access to sign up and a free storage space. Users can start uploading as they complete the signup process.

1. Dropbox

If you a regular online user, then you will have come across the Dropbox. The dropbox is an American file hosting company who’s major services are file synchronization, cloud storage, personal Clint and Clint Software. The URL for this web portal is which is the web address. Dropbox has paid and a free subscription for users who have signed up for an account.

2. Mediafire

Mediafire is not just a file sharing website. It is an online file hosting that provides Client software for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Android, BlackBerry, and lots more. The website also supports file synchronization and cloud storage with over 43 million subscribers who are currently registered.

3. 4shared

The popular 4shared is a free file sharing and storage web portal/website. On the platform, users can easily upload and download digital files and make it available for other users to download. With that in mind, the official URL: and is the only web address. 4shared offers 15GB free storage space for all it users.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage platform by Google which also support file synchronization. This is one of the most highly recommended as it stores files via the cloud, and get the files sync across all your device. Furthermore, Google Drive gives 15 gigabytes of free storage to everyone who opts in and those who are currently signed up for the service.

5. iCloud

iCloud is a file storage platform by Apple Inc. This is a cloud storage platform for storing data such as documents, photos, and music. A user can get these files downloaded to iOS, macOS or Windows device. Finally, the iCloud help people to share the date and it’s also a way of backing up your file if there is any need to replace your Apple device.

File Sharing – Top 5 File Sharing Sites | Cloud Storage

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